Engineering Services

Professional Services

Our engineer experts are able to help assist with all of your IT design and integration needs including data and voice, desktops, servers, cabling, connectivity, routers, switches, hubs, Internet access, operating systems, and security. Core Knowledge Group's engineers are trained and certified in many of today's most deployed networking products and solutions.

In addition to the IT expertise, we also have experience with hardware design including circuit boards for both analog and digital circuitry. Our experience comes from the Aerospace industry deploying satellite systems and ground terminal systems and can assist with most any hardware design effort.

If you require project management, network architecture design and implementation, network and systems support, disaster recovery, Core Knowledge Group has engineers available to meet those needs and provide on-site services.

We can also offers assistance analyzing and designing disparate applications, developing interfaces to integrate data; provide tools and resources to integrate legacy systems.

We have experience managing, developing, testing and maintaining ERP systems. Our team uses Project Management and System Engineering methodologies as tools to capture requirements and manage the development and deployment of systems. Our team works closely with the leadership of our customers to make sure what is being built is based on the exact way the business is run.

Engineering Development

Core Knowledge Group is able to help you with your software, eBusiness and web development needs. We can provide all resources necessary or integrate into your team to successfully complete software development. Our software development tools and expertise include C,C++, OO methodologies, Java, EJB, HTML, XML, UNIX/NT, RDBMS.

Our staff is able to develop detailed definitions requirements and design for eBusiness solutions through expertise of solution architects; assemble off-the-shelf products and integrate with custom developed applications; integrate components into solutions; and implement and test solutions to customer's satisfaction and consistent with eBusiness objectives.

Core Knowledge Group can design and develop Web sites for you. Our staff will work with you to define content, appearance, functionality, interactive capabilities and interface requirements, and database requirements, consistent with long-term objectives of customer; implementing and testing to customer's satisfaction.

We have the ability to prototype hardware systems and test any software interfaces required. If you have a hardware system that requires interfacing with software and need a place to develop that interface or prototype, Core Knowledge Group is the choice for you.

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